Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Still Messing with the Menhirs

"Golden Mountains", water color, appr. letter format
"Columns", ink drawing, approx. letter format
Stone circles, menhirs and other rock formations which were put deliberately into a place have something haunting, something mysterious. So many have been placed somewhere else; but what if the stone doesn't matter, but the place does? If man in a few thousand years cannot read our sign posts and put them somewhere else, we know it doesn't make sense. But maybe this is what we do.

"You wanted it like this", water colors, approx. letter format
"Erratic Boulders", water colors,
double letter format
Last summer, I painted this water color. It is about the contrast between brillant hues and subdued large areas. But somehow, my choice of colors has become a lot brighter. I had the feeling that the colors demanded me to use them like this, hence the title.

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Martha Marshall said...

These are so rich and delicious. I love the basis for the imagery too.