Saturday, March 9, 2013

New Paint Box

On the left, there is a new paint box with fresh white palettes. The one on the right side is history; I bought it as a student of Fine Arts, early in the seventies. The palettes had rusty patches which I repaired with white acrylic paint, so they are really used and don't support my work as I need it. Yet, they will contain alternative hues and widen the spectrum.
My latest watercolor painting: "Measuring the Dolmen", approx. double letter format.
 And now I'm going back to my working table, while this is my view:

It is snowing again incessantly. The forecast is 4" of snow and, during the coming week, temperatures going down 9 below freezing point at night.


jude said...

i have the paints out again. sometimes my old paintbox seems new on a new day.

Nancy said...

Watercolor painting is a dream of mine. One day. Yours is beautiful, both in the raw and what you've painted.

Els said...

Hi Eva, what a perfect new box ;-))
Lovely all those colours while outside everything turns white !
I'm glad it didn't snow here, though the forcast was snow, it rained "only" cats and dogs all day long !
Happy painting !