Tuesday, September 22, 2009

More things, seen on our walk

Yesterday, I didn't have enough time to post all the photos I was meant to show to my blogging friends. I took a few for aesthetic reasons.

The rust pictures with the marine structures and the grill in the sunshine, for example.
I took this pic before I saw a very similar one on Rayna's blog.

Then, there was this iron angel from a 19th century house and another iron ornament from a front column.
This was near one of the houses which had been taken by squatters who prevented them from being pulled down and renovated them.

Hamburg has always been very busy breaking down old houses. They started in 1902 to pull complete quarters in consequence of the cholera epidemie of 1892.

The squatters were engaged in heavy fights with the police, until in 1987, the lord mayor of Hamburg arbitrated between the parties. Since then, most squatters have had renting contracts. The banderole hanging from the house says: "Shut up, Germany!"
The red bikes can be rented by paying a fee via mobile phone.


ArtSparker said...

the rust colors are like those in Redon's paintings.

Clare W said...

Your first picture could be a painting by Turner!

AeFondKis said...

Eva, very interesting textures and colours on your walk!

Anonymous said...

These are delicious images, Eva! I love rust and old weathered things.

I had not heard the story of the squatters. Very interesting.

Judy said...

the rust works are wonderful....and of course that adorable cherub!
so sad to see old buildings with character being torn down