Saturday, September 5, 2009

My first Korak

Yes. I tried it: My first korak piece. The method is simple, but does require some consideration. The cut edges are covered flat by folded edges. They are connected by hem stitches. They should be quite small and invisible, but I couldn't resist to use a thread which adds the look of tiny beads. It is so much fun, and it meets the needs of spontaneously working quilters. "Forget whatever you have known about piecing", the author of the book says. The book is in German and English. I read it twice, it is very good. The original koraks weren't quilted, and they don't have to be. The double layering of the pieces provides enough substance; I was surprised how sturdy this piece feels in my hands. As it is a lap technique, you don't have to worry about all pieces to be equal size; you just add more, working up from the bottom and from the middle to the edges. The cut edges between blocks will be bridged by both-side-folded, longer rectangles.

J and I took a walk on Friday. In a park, we saw a small Ganesha shrine, and I offered a coin and rang the bell with J's job in mind. -- J's doctor signed him off sick on Tuesday till the end of the week. He will have to be okay until Sunday when he travels to Berlin for the interview on Monday. But he is sick because of all the trouble he had with his old job; the expectations now rather make him feel better. The shop where he may be working in the future -- if it all fits and they pay enough -- is in this beautiful part of Hamburg, not far from canals leading to the Alster lake. The boat in the picture is regular traffic.

Jude, the Korak technique might be something for you, because it allows a quilt to grow naturally.


Deb G said...

That looks so intriguing. Hope J feels better soon and it all works out.

ArtSparker said...

Hope he gets plenty of rest for the interview.

Rayna said...

Well, it's Sunday so fingers are x'd again for Jens.

Eva said...

Thank you!