Sunday, March 21, 2010

Another Method

There was this piece of cardboard, not larger than a postcard. I used it to place an excess of gold bronze gouache from a broken paint tube. Then I thought, why not use it as a background. I added some more paint leftovers, using a small palette knife. Then the fish came. And some sea weeds started growing.
I see the plants in all of my pictures as something that grows by its own rules more than deliberately being created.
If someone did terraforming on our planet, they must have allowed growth more than having produced something.
As for fiber art: I'm still working on the Bauhaus quilt; I'm quilting the reverse row by row. It is going slowly. But if I start another fiber project before I finish this one, I'm afraid my husband will have to wait forever.


Judy said...

Blogger seems to be toying with my patience this morning. ARGH! I've attempted to leave a comment twice and it hasn't happened, so if you receive many similar ones from me this morning, just know that it's not all my fault! Anyway, what I said was that I love the golden glow of this piece and the movement. The minnows and the turtle are terrific....and yes, the seaweed is splendid as well!


Eva said...

Your former comments must have got lost in the ocean indeed.

ArtSparker said...

I love gold for a background, as in some medieval religious paintings. This is very inspiring.

Needle Woven Studio said...

Truly your art is blissful.

Robbie said...

Wow! This piece turned out really cool. I was so glad to be able to click on it and see the finished piece better. Very COOL!

Fiona said...

I just love this piece. I tried to leave a comment before but it isn't here. Will you be selling this? I would love to own it.