Friday, March 19, 2010

More news from the bottom of the Seas

From paradise to submerged paradises. Sea life just won't let me go, although I never dived. My ideal is abstract painting like Paul Klee and Vassily Kandinsky, but I just can't go abstract.
The upper one lacks composition, it is as chaotic as life itself. The general theme in my underwater worlds is fertility and how the species are a danger or a source of food for one another.
After this one, I tried to give it more composition.
I grouped the details in order to reach more rhythm. Peculiarly I fell back into a more realistic kind of painting.
I'm afraid I keep circulating around my adored favourite, my all-time masterpiece "Goldfish" by Klee.
See the Ocean Life series here.


ArtSparker said...

Hmmm, I think I actually like the chaotic one more, it seems to reflect the diversity and proliferation more effectively.

Anonymous said...

I love them both Eva. Your sense of color and design is inspiring. Makes me want to dig out my gouache and play.

Jean S.

Jacky said...

That chaotic piece appeals to me too... as you say it does reflect the chaotic life we lead these days!
Wonderful colours. I paint using gouache too (mainly still life), so I'm really enjoying your work.

Jacky xox

Connie said...

Both beautiful but the top is my favorite.

Chris Gray said...

They're both lovely Eva.

..and Klee's Goldfish is a favourite of mine too :-)

patstudio said...

these are my very best favorites of all i have seen of your work....especially the top one, chaotic. i love the color and movement. they are cheerful and inspirational.....