Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Rural Wedding

On Friday, my brother's youngest daughter got married. We went to the village, where they live, a half-hour drive south of Hamburg's borders, a beautiful place with old farmhouses and many oaks. The village is 934 years old.

All my brother's grown up children were there, his grandkids, too.

Here, you see the coach game. It is led by the bride's brother with the cylinder, performing the coachman.

The bride and groom are wearing crowns because they are king and queen. This is a lot of fun. The coach consists of king and queen, coachman, horses, and wheels. The story is read aloud, and the mentioned persons or parts of the coach have to jump up and run around the chair, each time they are mentioned in the text. Which makes the coach ride a real strenuous action.

In another game, everyone had to wear a paper cap, paper plate ears, and bunny teeth and sing a song. Playing silly games seems to be part of weddings in this country (I'm not so familiar with wedding customs here). We spent the night in a guest room near the place -- just a little walk home -- and on Saturday, we had breakfast in my brother's house. I took a picture of the old cobblestones in front of his house. For Wanda and all who like it!

My brother has done a lot of renovation work in this house, like clay plaster work, painting walls with natural paint, gardening and laying tiles.

This was my gift for the couple -- beside our main present.


Exuberant Color said...

thank you for the picture of cobblestones. I like the style of their house. The roof looks green. Is it grass, or moss? We have a house about 15 miles from me that has grass growing on the roof.

Janice said...

Eva what a wonderful blog this is! Your brother's home is beautiful and so inviting looking. The wedding looks and sounds like it was a lot of fun :) Your art and embroidery are beautiful. I will visit again. I had a wonderful time here~~~

Eva said...

The house is thatched and covered with moss.

Judy said...

ahhhh: what a lovely gift! I know they will appreciate it!
Thanks for the wonderful description of the festivities.