Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sunshine at last and the Sandwich

Today I made the sandwich and cut the backing material and the batting. I rolled it up to do the basting at daylight. Have to do the basting on my knees/on  all fours. The backing fabric is a material that I wanted to use for clothing more than 20 years ago. Then, I dyed my hair with henna. Now this color doesn't suit me any more. -- Saw sunshine and snowfall at the same time. The snow is gone completely. How glad we are to be walking freely without taking care of each step on that nasty ice crust. Like zoo animals that can run outdoors again.  -- J caught cold, and after fighting it bravely for two days, he gave in and stayed at home. Now I can cook for my loved companion who pulls away the bread basket from my hand, saying that zoo bears have to be kept busy. Ha. Ha.


Judy said...

I love that backing fabric! Is it silk?
Also, great pics of your neighborhood...the shadows on the bricks are wonderful, and the dark clouds and sun in the other picture actually make me feel cold!
Hope J is feeling better.


Jacky said...

I have to crawl around on all fours too when I do my sandwiching...hard on the back and the knees these days!
Beautiful backing fabric and lovely photos...glad the snow is disappearing and spring is emerging.


Eva said...

The fabric is rayon, and it is not quite as shining as it looks on the picture. -- This is the first time I do a quilt with batting. Quite exiting!