Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A close look on Korak piecing

This is my totlot. You can see the method closely.

I showed something like this before when the pins were getting on my nerves. I kept pricking myself and tried a basting. The result was much wonkier, too; I'm getting more experienced.
Basting is unnecessary; two pins on every patch will do.
I do not arrange more than 3-8 patches at a time, it is easier to handle.
The green base fabric will be covered completely.
The contrast is helpful.
I started with large-point pins, but they catch loops of the thread all the time, small-point pins work much better.
You can imagine how fast this work proceeds.
This piece can do without quilting because the stitches connect all layers.
Without a backing, all the stitches will be visible; I read that in Asia, the Korak pieces remain unbacked, showing the stitching.


Yael said...

Besides the interesting information - to zoom in and see your wonderful fabric choices is a real treat! WOW!

Joei Rhode Island said...

Wonderful colors Eva. I find Korak interesting....I may have to try it.

Deborah said...

Thanks for the information! I really want to try this!

Els said...

Thank you Eva, for showing: your doing the REAL Korak I see now. All the parts are folded over so you have dubble layers of fabric (plus your "ground" cloth)
(I did go back in your blog already to look for the method ...
and found the lovely Kogin pin cushion!!!)

Rayna said...

REAL korak - how lovely. I think the stitches on the back are very nice. This is a really practical way to build a quilt.

Cobalt Violet said...

Love how rich and colorful the fabrics are! Just beautiful!