Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Landing Maneuver

"Spaceship Landing". Gouache painting, letter format.
Sunshine and warmer temperatures, distinctly above freezing point, even at night. I'm so relieved. It may go colder, but the sun is definitely stronger now.
Most of the time, I spend on compiling a book on modern art, a kind of "how to identify artwork" for the 20th century. I promised to do it for my husband, and it is a lot of work. I cannot publish it for copyright reasons of the artwork. Just a glimpse! It has 128 pages, on which each term like "impressionism" or "colorfield painting" is illustrated by featuring a few artists and 2 or 3 paintings by each of them. It is crowned by maps of origin and connections, a table of mutual influences.
As you see, my husband has a special liking for schemes and tables, so he compiled this one.


jude said...

i can't decide if it's landing or taking off!

Yael said...

I love that painting!!
And look at the Tatzelwurm near it - the same elegant curved lines!
Your sense of color is marvelous Eva!

Deborah said...

Great movement and colors! This would make a spectacular quilt!

Judy said...

Beautiful....but not nearly as lovely as my "Pink Bridge"!!! ;)

I would love a copy of your book...J is one lucky man!