Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pondering over fabric choice

I've been rummaging my drawers for days, trying to find the right fabric for the reverse. There would also have to be an ever so light batting, just a thin layer. And I want the work to be fun and not boring, I do it all by hand, after all.
So, in order to make it fun, I decided to do a larger-piece korak for the reverse with a broad frame of the golden fabric in the picture. The work goes fast, and if I abstain from quilting it all, it will take less time than the top. I'm afraid it will be a heavy piece!
The moon is close to being full, and the color was supernatural tonight. Sorry for the blur, it is a zoom with hand-held camera.


Judy said...

The full moon has been lovely here too, but not that 'supernatural' color that you photographed. WOW!!!

I love, love, love that quilt and can't wait to see what you choose for a backing.


glazedOver Pottery said...

Beautiful work, Eva!