Sunday, May 15, 2011

The past is buried...

It was incredibly wonderful to see the open space and a windy sky  in a deeper blue than the picture can tell.
I buried the past sickness in a little funeral on this clearing.

 We took a stroll in this big park with tall firs and cedars. It was cool and windy, but I rather enjoyed that.
 I took this vintage cotton print from India out from the bottom of a drawer and I would love to use the elephant motif for the baby quilt. I just wouldn't like to cut this cotton into pieces -- or should I? The material I chose is from an old cushion cover, so tender that I can easily tear it to pieces.
I tried a little gouache painting. 

And also a monotype which did not turn out too satisfying; although the lines have something.
I painted the red elephant with textile paint onto the stretched vintage linen. It takes some time, but would make a nice effect, don't you think? I don't like it as much as the paper version.
I guess I'll try a lino cut version, although I'm not really happy with the printing results. You can see some of them in the bottom picture.
Here are the squares I prepared before going into hospital, and one day after the surgery, I managed to do some quilting during the recovery hours!
The lower right center fabric comes from a Finnish designer; I bought it from Spoonflower.

All the other center fabrics are my own lino prints.

I just can't wait to jump into new projects. No, actually this is what I just did.


deanna7trees said...

why not use the whole cotton print from India in one piece and just embroider over it...i like the monotype the best, although the others are beautiful as well.

Eva said...

deanna, thank you for this idea; the Indian fabric is a scarf which I would have to destroy to use it, and I'm not yet determined to do so.

ArtSparker said...

Red and turquoise together, two of my favorites - I am thinking of doing something in this color combo for my garden area.

The elphants are lovely.

Yael said...

I LOVE the elephant paintings!
About the scarf - oh, I would not cut into it, please no bravery here, it is too lovely as it is and the best place for it is around your neck!
A marvelous sky you enjoyed at your walk! It is so good to see you "back", Eva!

Karin på FOX said...

I can understand that you don't want to put your scissors in the indian print. But as always, you manage to make something new and different from the idea of things you see.

jude said...

glad you feel better. i do love tender cloth, but it deteriorates quick;y with heavy use. your colors as always are uplifting.

lili.constanta said...

Congratulations to the entire work!