Thursday, May 19, 2011

How to outwit myself

A preview of the reverse
I'm unable to finish projects unless I finish them as I go. This time, I sew single tiles, ready with a backing, so in the end I will just connect the tiles. The reptile quilt is still waiting for its backing because during the past months, I just did not have the strength to bast a sandwich. In this case, there is not much left to do, once I have enough tiles for a quilt size. It doesn't have a batting, just 3 layers of fabric at least. The sewing method makes it rather heavy -- and hopefully sturdy enough for passing a test by a determined toddler.

Or what about a mix of top and reverse tiles?
This way, I would get a double-sided quilt.


Yael said...

It is reversible even without the mix, because those back tile are really beautiful too! So whatever you will decide will be wonderful!
Lucky baby!

jude said...

ha! mix and match!

Judy said...

ah......Eva, you are too funny!


Deborah said...

Either way is beautiful!