Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thank You for Your Patience and a Happy Thanksgiving!

This is the reason why you haven't been reading from me for such a long time. Ever since my husband and I visited the most interesting music pubs in Edinburgh, I was obsessed by the idea of playing an instrument again (I gave away my guitars more than 30 years ago). So sorry I cannot show you anything fabricious. My life goes in phases. I will let you know when fabrics are back, and I won't be bothering you with other themes. And my gratitude of today goes to my husband, too, who gave me his old school ukulele a few weeks ago (which was waiting in the attic of his parents' house) and who sponsored the other beauty on the left side of the photograph. It is a preposed Xmas gift and has a lovely sound; yet, the older one is not discarded, but has its right by its crisp sound, similar to a banjo, and quick temper. Sure I play this song and others for J every night.