Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Input instead of Output

A sample of fine quality sea water
My dear ones, you may have seen that I was gone, and I needed recreation from what usually is my recreation. Being creative is breathing in and breathing out; I'm in a phase of breathing in. So I will just tell you about a few lovely moments on our trip to Croatia.
Olive Tree on Badja

Badja Monastery

A gentleman on Badja.
Likes: crackers. Dislikes: his antlers to be touched.

We spent a lovely day on a boat which took us to the islands Badja, Majsan and Vrnik and had a picnic on the boat where -- while on anchor -- our kind host Mario grilled fish, egg-plant, zucchini and big bread slices and served them with homegrown wine (still fresh) and salad. It was dragonfish which is poisonous when alive. I wonder if it still worked, we had vivid dreams the night after.
We visited Badja with a monastry from the 14th century which at the moment is being renovated, so most of the inner rooms cannot be seen. There is a garden with amazing old olive trees, maybe planted when the monastery was founded; a herd of deer roam it and have no fear.

The quarry tools and vehicles left over on Vrnik
On Vrnik (no, I did not miss out any letters), a quarry used to be where all the cream white limestone came from which was used to build the towns of Korcula and Dubrovnik and is still in use for lots of new buildings in the region, althoug this quarry is not in use any more.

Deserted quarry worker houses
Deserted quarry worker houses
In the background: The slopes of the Vrnik quarry