Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Field, Boulders, Sky.

Another watercolor picture finished, size: double letter. Title: "Three Boulders in a Field"

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Color Pencils and Oils

You remember this motif. It is the Fairy Hill I painted in oils. This one is color pencil. And so are the following three.
 Another one of the boulder pieces with rocks, seemingly in motion. I wonder if it would work to balance them out like this.

In this case, I doubt the stony, solid matter and let the rock shine. Radiance, radiation. The natural radiation of rock material is a phenomenon that -- imho -- is still not understood by humans; we have to proceed in evolution to fully understand that. Maybe change our understanding of matter in general.
This one surely will remind you of those I painted earlier on in gouache or water color. This time, I used oils again. That's why there is a disturbing reflexion on the upper part, hope you don't mind. It is the layers theme again. It is a challenge to do this in oils. It might be easier in acrylics; I will try that, too. But the temptation to sum up transparent layers makes me use oils again and again. This is not finished, though; there will be more layers on the darker parts to make the bright lines shine as brillantly as possible.