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Paint on Black -- as I Used to Do

"The Architects Say Goodbye"
White gouache on black paper

"Holy Stones"
Gouache and gold pen on black paper
 "Rituals Are Necessary"
White gouache on black paper
"Reconstruction of the Sun Temple"
 Watercolor and black pen
 "Holy place"
 "Eyes of Heaven"
Watercolor and black pen

Recently I have taken a liking for labyrithic structures. My pictures start as a kind of big zentangles. The rule is to cover the sheet with lines that create some kind of "streets" of similar width, so that the shapes interweave. I do not plan; as the rule of zentangles is to follow a feeling, not a plan, I kind of "knit" the patterns without much intention. 
Here is one piece before coloring. I use fine, non-soluable pens. If you like, feel free to download it in full resolution and print it for coloring fun of your own! And please don't hesitate to show me the result by posting a link in my comments!
Size: The larger 3 pieces on top are about 30x30 cm, the lower series a little smaller than letter format.