Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dancing Poodles of Afghanistan

A new mail from Pascale Goldenberg:

The latest shipment of embroidery-squares has arrived. The Picasa-Galery is restocked. Anyone who is in need or wants to just look at the new designs is welcome to do so.
My new book describing the whole embroidery-project hast just been printed. You are welcome to order it through me (20 Euro). I am sure you will love the numerous photos on the special square collection ! Since I will be in Afghanistan between July 29th and August 20th 09, you may order before July 27th or after my return.

I was thinking of a little present with symbolic meaning for the Afghany women. They love to take care of flowers. If you could quickly participate in sending flowerseeds in a envelope. Thank you. (Pascale Goldenberg Kirnerstr. 16 79117 Freiburg, Germany)

Quilters living in Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Luxemburg, Danmark, Hungary, the Netherlands, France and the United Kindom, who like to participate in the contest " Afghanistan-Inspiration ", are also welcome to contact me for further Information. And please do share them with all your artists friends.

Keep in suspence and have a plesant summertime !


Aren't they incredible? More of this kind if you scroll down the page.

More about the book
And here is the link to the book shop -- in German
Or send a mail to: Goldenberg-Freiburg at t-online dot de


Art4Sol said...

Oh, yes, I would love to order a copy of this wonderful book. Send me more details, please.

jude said...

gosh i love this stuff, and i got my book, i must review it tomorrow on my blog.

mokkakissa said...

Kiitos for your comment!

Eva said...

I added two links at the bottom of my posting.
Mokkakissa, hei, olka hyvää!

Deb G said...

Made me smile!

wintergreen.3 said...

Would love to order this book but I can't read German. How much would it be in US $$?

Eva said...

For all those interested in the book I recommend to write a mail to Mrs Goldenberg. She can help.