Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Got the Blues

Yesterday, a small parcel arrived with 10 shades of blue. I just asked for a scale of the more vibrant range of blues, and got exactly what I was dreaming of at a decent price. Below, there are samples of my old stash, and I was lacking the dark blues; there is still enough of the medium shades, but the trouble is: This quality of embroidery wool has completely vanished out of Germany. My way out of this dilemma was to buy old stash and leftovers from e-bay or to use split sock wool which is not available in the desired range of colours. This is the first time I ordered crewel wool, and it feels lovely, I can't wait to try it.
I'll be offline most of the time from the coming weekend on for a fortnight. I'm looking forward to sleep in the morning without a monster like this robbing my slumber, as it has done for a week. They are renovating the tot lot. German workers start at 7; maybe someone complained, now they start at 8 which is bearable. Yet, I'm glad to be in this Danish cottage in the north soon. My friend Martina will be taking care of our place.

Again, I will use our journal, as we have kept them on our journeys for years. They are diaries, embellished with drawings, small water colour paintings, pasted postcards and tickets.
The red light tower is situated in Esposende on the North Portuguese coast. As my camera escaped from my bag and ended up on the stone pavement with a crooked nose, I was without a camera which was really tantalizing, and this event helped me to understand that I am a junkie and have to see the CA -- Camerolics Anonymous.
To soothe my pain, I made this watercolor painting.
But there is more in these journals.

There are cartoons by my husband J like this one:

And another event which robbed 120 $ from our travelling wallet:

To sum it up: All the things that make you smile when you look back.


Deb G said...

I'm sure you will create magic with those blues. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to not have a digital camera anymore.

Art4Sol said...

Beautiful selection of should be fun stitching with them.

ArtSparker said...

You will be missed. I am sure you will be putting the blues to good use and we will see wonderful things on your return.

gema said...

Eva, you might be able to get those yarns in Danemark. There used to be (could still be there, but I haven't walked by there in a while) a shop by me which sold woollen yarns for hand embroidery. I am quite sure they were from Denmark.

Enjoy your vacation!

Dijanne Cevaal said...

Eva- have a lovely holiday- and I hope you get to sleep in! Denmark is on my wishlist to see.

Eva said...

I'll let you see as much of Denmark as I can! We're leaving on Saturday, I'll say bye in time.

Rayna said...

Ooh - have a wonderful vacation. May you have many (good) things to smile about, not only when you look back but while you are there. Look forward to an interesting traveloque afterwards.