Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Animal prints

After working on a website for a furniture shop, I fortunately could go back to my animal print project at last. Recently I finished another print I gave away already and forgot to take a picture. Now this one will be on the way soon to an artist who inspires me infinitely.
The idea of animal prints in a square keeps haunting me after finishing the Chickenshack quilt. I'm working on a theme, this is something I never did when I was younger. It had to be perfect right away, or I would discard it. But this is not the way to accomplish something, when trying to become an artist.
I called this animal print project the Pazyryk project because the tiger is part of the treasures found in the kurgan of Pazyryk. It was carved into the cascet of the nobleman in this grave, but I never found another picture of it. Chris, thank you for sending me a reproduction.
Two more print cloths are in my Etsy shop; you may have seen them and will find them changed. I painted the background of both of them.


ArtSparker said...

I like the spinning quality of the piece.

Chris Gray said...

I LOVE this piece Eva - lucky indeed is the person who receives it!

I've just sent you an e-mail with an attached pdf of some pics out of my Steppe Art book - including a line-drawing of the coffin lid with your tigers on it.

Hope it's useful for your future project work.

x Chris

Approachable Art said...

This will be lovely and the artist who receives it will be very lucky indeed. :D

Anonymous said...

Your linoleum prints are fabulous.
I love the many colors you use.

Pat said...

i love what you are doing and hope you continue to share your process with us....

Rayna said...

TRYING to be an artist? LOL - you ARE one. I envy your versatility!

Judy said...

brilliant piece! love the colors
it reminds me of Noah's Ark!