Sunday, May 9, 2010

Another Harbour birthday

Normally, I'm not a lover of great masses of people; I rather feel uneasy in the flock. But today I suggested to J that we should take a walk to the harbour and see the historical boats and have lunch there. We had a wonderful grilled salmon in a very traditional Portuguese restaurant in a side street, 5 min. away from the water. 13$ for the fish -- and it was a huge piece. Then we walked back to the harbour. You see a Russian boat on the right, a replica of a 1706 ship. I'll make a little galery to show you all the pictures. I came home with a traditional fishers' shirt in which -- as I see now -- I look terribly fat. But it is tradition. It feels good.

Update: Galery is added.


eileen2000 said...

happy birthday!

Eva said...

It is not my birthday! I have to add: Hamburg has a new tradition to celebrate the birthday of their harbour. They did that when the harbour act was 800 years old. This was in May 1989. Then, in November of the same year, there was the fall of the Berlin Wall, and when people from East Germany came over, they were very sad they had not been able to see the harbour 800th birtday. So Hamburg decided they would not let the East Germans wait for another 100 years, but to have a party every year. And so they do.

Celeste Bergin said...

Thanks for taking us along--! what a beautiful place! I think the fisherman's shirt looks great on you.