Thursday, May 27, 2010


Who am I? This one or the other? How can these different things spring from one brain? One from each half?

I guess I should give each of my multiple artist personalities a different name and publish separately what each one does.


Karin på FOX said...

Today I heard a programme at the swedish radio with the title:The art of begining from the beginning without repeating yourself. I believe that you have the gift!

Martha Marshall said...

Your talents continue to amaze! These are so beautiful, each in their own way. The first one just happy and carefree, skipping along, and the other one, so studied and focused. I love both. But it's so true that we have multiple artist personalities!

I hope you have a wonderful vacation. We'll keep the blogs warm for you.

mariellenromer said...

Eva, I hope you have a great vacation. Your art is so versatile, vacation is only going to make your creativity ferment even more!
Have a restful time. We'll be here when you get back.

x, M