Monday, May 3, 2010

Sunday in the Outback

If you take a ride to the southwest of Hamburg, you see the mighty levees of the Elbe river. People take walks on them when the weather is fine.
Right in this rural idyll is the town Stade where my PIL live.
After having lunch with my parents in law and a nice time sitting in the sun, we went to the center of the place and saw an exhibition of excellent modern art. German modern classics like Emil Nolde and other "Die Bruecke" artists were there, but also Klee, Baumeister, Edvard Munch. Most of this collection were graphic arts like woodcuts, drawings, watercolor or etchings. One absolutely magic little painting by Max Ernst, "L'oiseau nocturne". Taking pictures was strictly forbidden. Sorry. But at least, the wonderful old house can be seen in this galery.

After this visit, we took a walk through this lovely romantic town. My husband grew up here; he knows every cobblestone.

This is the oldest still existing gym in Germany from 1860, from the early years of sports movement. It is being renovated now. The door was open; a lady invited us in, and there was a guy who explained that it was used as a culture center even now in half-renovated state as means of fundraising for the coming work.

We returned to my husband's parents and enjoyed the sunny afternoon in the lanai.

On our way home, we stopped to take a look on the river. It was windy -- northeast -- and so cold! We hurried back to the car. It was almost 8 p.m. when this photo was taken.


ArtSparker said...

The name alone of the Ernst painting is wonderful. Sometimes it's the small works that are the most moving/engaging. Thanks for the pictorial of your Sunday.

Deborah said...

Thanks for the photos of your lovely visit. I am enjoying your designs.

Rayna said...

I love your leisurely walks and picturesque towns - and the picture of J relaxing and reading is a bonus! LOL.

Now, to catch up with your blog going backwards...

Esther said...

Liebe Eva,
I left Hamburg 28years ago and seing those photos brings back happy memories,and I am grateful nothing much has changed. Thank you for your lovely and inspirational blog.

Yael said...

Dear Eva, this is a lovely post.
I just discovered your blog and I like it very much! I surely will peek in again and again.

LDH said...

Hello Eva! I have come to visit you from Esther's blog. She and I have just met too and I meandered to your place here.

I was fascinated by the beautiful fabrics and patterns you have created but I was especially drawn to the posts where you have highlighted the area where you live. I have acquired a great interest in Germany in recent years as I have learned that is where both mine and my husbands ancestors came from.

I will look forward to popping in and visiting with you again.

kindly, ldh