Saturday, July 17, 2010


My Estonian project is finished, but first, I'll show you a different picture, because the same thing again is getting boring. I started these carnations when I was in Turkey in a flu which may explain the odd colours. It is huge, about the size of a baby's hand. The red parts of the unfinished carnation are sock wool.

Now about the finished project. Thank you so much for your kind comments and suggestions! It might be a good idea to have a tea-dyed background; actually, one corner got soaked in milk coffee in Turkey. J read the latest comments; he said, right, fill the gaps. But his idea was not to dye them, but to fill the whole space with embroidery. I'm afraid I will follow neither suggestion.
It is finished.
-- Even if I don't sell this one -- it is too much of an experiment --, I guess I might make smaller medallions of the same kind and put them into my shop. They might be used as a base for pillow tops or as parts of small quilts.

The red material will be running out in the near future, and it is different from the English crewel wool. If you look at it in a close-up,
it is smooth and feels a bit like cashmere. This quality (Zephir wool/Orchidee) is not produced anymore. I bought what I could get, that's my excuse for the full drawer. Crewel wool is not as obedient and soft as Zephir; you can see it in the detail; the darkest blue is new-bought crewel wool. My way out is to try 4-ply sock wool, untwisted. It works! Not any kind of wool can be used, because most knitting-wool is so soft that pulling the thread through the fabric 3 or 4 times is enough to wear it down and break it. Only sock-wool is spun firmly enough to allow embroidery. Not to talk about the price difference. -- My stash will probably last for this lifetime; if I run out of certain colours, I might start procyon-dyeing on white sock wool.
It is this irrational urge to have a safe support of your desired goods? It is just uncomfortable to know that your fav material will run out. Does it make sense to you?


Chris Gray said...

...I think we maybe get a bit "precious" with our treasure (I mean stash;-)...

..especially those bits that feel so nice to work with...

Love the finished Estonian piece...and will be interested to see what other bits like it appear in the future :-)

Deborah said...

It's beautiful and finishing is such a good feeling.

Yael said...

I also like the final result very much! It really does make a statement! What will it be in the end? A pillow? Please post for a
us a photograph when it is completely finished!
Really lovely that embroidery!!

Diane said...

I definitely understand that feeling. I am constantly adding to my 'comfort level' Each new piece makes me feel more secure. I think my worry comes from the time when I left everything behind and had such a struggle trying to create again with the bits and pieces at my disposal.
I love this piece just as it is. So glad you didnt tea stain it or fill it in. the white provides a wonderful contrast and even though you call it 'an experiment' it stands on its own merit. Beautiful!

Rayna said...

Ditto what Diane said. You need the white space as a place to rest your eye and it just enhances all the rest of the gorgeous color.

As far as running out of material - there will always be a new favorite and anyway, it makes all your work that much more unique.

By the way - what is wrong with the colors in that little carnation piece? They work beautifully together. ODD? Not at all; looks like something my grandmother, with her philosophy of "all colors go together" would have made.

Anonymous said...

dear eva
i forwarded a address for you to purchase paterna
stranded woll in one of your comment boxes perhaps you didn't see it here goes again they stock 418 colours.greetings gisela

Eva said...

Thank you so much, gisela. I had a look on this website, but wasn't sure if they sell over the internet.