Sunday, July 25, 2010

Technical revolution overdue

Recently, I bought a new cell phone.
You won't believe it: I used this one (photo) until the day before yesterday. It was enough for me! It was solid, I liked it. But it is time for some progress. Anyway, I'm not a cell phone girl. I just like the safe feeling of carrying my mobile phone booth around. But this one weighed one pound. I'm happy to have a lighter device now!
Does anyone of you own a technical museum and would like these pieces as a giveaway? They are in excellent condition and work perfectly.
Also my computer is due for a change. This one is 10 years old and VERY slow. A new one will be bought next week, and then I'll have to reinstall. I moved all the data to external hard drives already.
Had larger jobs recently, not much time for my own art projects.
Time for supper!

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