Sunday, July 18, 2010

Party in the street

Last night, we took a walk to the harbour. The sun was still shining at almost 9 p.m., in fact it is 7:52 real time (I hate energy saving time). The harbour was gilded, a wonderful sight. The building site is our new concert hall, this is where our tax billions go. Recently, a worker fell thru 2 levels and died.
We walked on to the world famous Reeperbahn. A street party had taken place, and we were hoping to avoid it. But in the middle of the place, the party was still going on. We slalomed along between the bottle heaps, careful not to step on broken glass. Our aim was an Irish pub where we heard live music, not very Irish -- well, "You've got to hide your love away" and "Losing my Religion" did evoke some memories. But what did he do to "3 little Birds"? He mercilessly chopped the tempo. The poor creatures ended up as 6 chicken halves.


Rayna said...

To me, there is nothing worse than when it gets dark at 4:pm. It is so depressing. Give me daylight savings time all year!!
Actually, they tried it here a number of years ago but they stopped because it was too dangerous for the schoolchildren to wait for the schoolbus in the pitch dark morning.

Judy said...

Love the harbor picture Eva!