Monday, April 11, 2011

Emergency sewing

 Joining the strips is a game of luck. I can imagine more precise work. Quilters with systematic methods would throw up their hands in horror, I guess. Well, if a strip happens to be longer than planned -- as the one left  vertical --, I just don't have the heart to cut the excess, but rather try to add an adequate piece.
 Jude inspired me with tiny windows of fabric in this posting. They look so neat and tidy! Maybe I'll try to apply this method.
It is a challenge to do something you haven't mastered yet. I can do easier things, but I so love to "paint" with fabrics. I just read a word on planning: "Making plans replaces coincidence with error."
 Another little mosaic of scraps.


jude said...

there is nothing wrong with your piecing. in fact this is just splendid and has more heart than a lot i see that folks call patchwork. i've been collecting scraps for you...soon.

Yael said...

What a burst of color, so beautiful - and I have a box of scraps for you too - I'll get it on it's way tomorrow! :-)

ArtSparker said...

This quilt is your equivalent of Mondrian's "Broadway Boogiewoogie", a lot of purposeful life in the stitches. Love the quote.

dls said...

The colors and patterns in this top are just lovely! Makes me smile with color!