Monday, April 4, 2011

Japan is in the news every day.

Japanese calligraphy on fabric

"A walk in town"
One of my fabric treasures is this print by Rayna Gillman. I was very happy to get this. It will be part of my museum quilt. And I started a painting again, using a piece of cardboard from a packing. A shirt or what. Very plain brown paper, stiff enough to paint on it. I'm eager to get such material, it is a lot more inspiring than clean white sheets. Of course, I will leave parts of the surface uncovered. It is simple, it is primitive. I hope it will influence my style.


Chris Gray said...

I like it!....the little painting.

Showing the "K" influences again :-)

Judy said...

That Rayna is so thoughtful! Her gift works perfectly in your quilt! And I love your little painting. I agree about the paper....and why not use what you have?!!


Yael said...

Everything you touch comes out beautiful and meaningful Eva!

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I like this one very much.

Rayna said...

My fabric and I are honored to be part of your artwork. Thanks! As always - your quilt is splendid.