Thursday, April 28, 2011

Seen in the City

 There is this park right in the center of Hamburg City which is part of a green belt.

We sat in the sun, saw a greenfinch and a dragonfly from the near lake, resting in the fresh green of  a larch.
 The tulips are almost gone; some still reside in the shadow. A few steps away from the park, there is a street with small shops, just around the corner from where I spent a part of my childhood.

I saw this Indian rally -- was it overdyed, I wonder? -- and the iron fish on a shop, preserved by the shop owners which makes me very happy because I remember them from food purchases in my childhood.
I know this is all so off-topic. But creating will continue! It even does now, and this is wonderful, because it makes me feel alive. A small painting in progress will be shown later.

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Yael said...

Waiting to see it! :-)