Saturday, April 30, 2011

WIP: Each Side Up

As the title says: This painting can be turned upside down as well. May the light reach every house and beyond. More rays and more houses should be coming soon. Size: approx. letter format, gouache.
Almost feeling normal, just a little weak and having to keep a low fat diet.


Els said...

What a lovely colourful village Eva
(I think I could gladly live there)

Yael said...

Me too - preferably upside down and floating in colors! :-)

Are you curious about me? said...


This is wonderful, your eye for colour never ceases to amaze me.

nandas said...

i hope you are going to make this available in a t-shirt would be great inspiration to exercise at the gym if i had a special shirt with that motif!

Eva said...

Thank you, Nandas, I just did!