Friday, September 7, 2012

7 of 8 Guas

Some more informations about the Ba-Gua system of ancient Chinese cosmology -- and progress of my sewing class. Things that you, my quilting friends in the anglo-american world, have learnt at 6.

I promised to tell you more about the Ba Gua. There are different systems. I do not always mention a direction because they are indicated differently, depending on the view (feng shui, medical system etc.)
This Gua is "the mountain", Gen. Season: Fall.  It is part of the earth element. There are 5 elements in Chinese cosmology. How can they make 8 Guas of 5 elements? 3 elements are doubled, earth, wood, metal. Each is represented by a yin aspect (cool, substance, liquid, dark) and a yang aspect (hot, energy, firm, light). So, obviously there can be only one water -- yin -- and one fire -- yang. The yang aspect of earth is Gen, mountain. Don't ask me why I chose egyptian symbols for the surrounding, maybe because ducks are seen as an earth animal in diet, maybe just because of the gold.
Thunder. Dark green, turquoise. Sudden, frightening events, nervosity. Electricity. Early spring. The clouds in the middle add a component of water. The violet corners are to indicate the light of distant thunderstorms on a night sky. On a medical level, it is liver.
Earth. Yellow. Center, quietude, balance, harmony. Pastel colors. Sweet taste.  All times of moderate temperatures. Stomach, pancreas. Enjoying.
Wind. Sour taste, fresh growth, spring. Liver and gall bladder. Oxygene which I symbolized by the squares with small particles, green meadows, east. Optimism, expanding activities, muscles.
 Dui, the lake. I did this a second time because the first one was surrounded with white triangles, and as I told you, I found that the overall look was less attractive. This is minor metal, reflexion of light, an aspect of space -- Qian, sky, is the large aspect, dui is the smaller space. Metal, spices like mint, cool and sharp
Water. Also this one is a new version because I started with a batting which is too stiff to go with the rest. Kan, water, is black and called "danger", symbolized by the aggressive fish. I used some "wood" symbols, too, like the turquoise bits, because water nourishes wood.  Water rules over kidneys and bladder, the disturbance causes fear.
So what is still missing is Qian, the sky and a central panel. Will probably surprise me as much as you.


Ms. said...

looking forward to more surprises

deanna7trees said...

wow. you're really moving along. it looks great.

Els said...

WOW Eva ! Eye candy !!!!
How I LOVE all your strong coloured blocks !!! This will be a winner !