Saturday, September 8, 2012

Direction Map

Qian -- The Sky. Metal, light, reflexion. Western directions. Medical aspect: Lungs, large intestines, skin. Hot spices (yes, white; they do not belong to the red group!) like ginger and pepper. Alcohol. Space, motion, aviation, technics.

The central sqare contains all the elements as a kind of situation map. Each of the patches points to the related square. So the center is a kind of map for the whole panel. And what is in the middle of the map? Another nine-patch aiming into infinite microcosm? No, just five colors in dynamic motion, as the elements are in permanent exchange.


Yael said...

Ach Eva - sooooooooooooo schoen! It radiates from inside out! :-)

Ms. said...

Just a wonder--you--and the mathematical system s of Chinese medicine symbols.

Els said...

Ha Eva, this is good ! And "sky" already begun stitching !!!
This will be another beautiful ánd special quilt !