Sunday, September 16, 2012

A lovely day in Stade

My husband and I spent a wonderful Sunday in Stade, about 1h to drive from Hamburg. It is his home, and we went to see my p-i-l. Their garden is still full of blossoms, but fall is just around the corner. It was still warm enough to have a nap in the sunshine after lunch. Later, we went to town and visited an exhibition of the German expressionist Max Pechstein, also one of the "degenerate art"-painters (entartete Kunst).
The exhibition was shown in the left building in the top picture. Later, we took a stroll through the town. The door on this picture belongs to the townhall. The sculpture on top of the entrance symbolizes "balance", the art of diplomacy in administration.
We returned to my p-i-l's little paradise. The flower-beds were still humming with bees and bumble-bees. Summer is saying good-bye in the most graceful way with a blue, slightly cloudy sky.


deanna7trees said...

oh just love that first image. what a lovely place for a stroll.

Ms. said...

sweet garden--sweet post, and I agree with Deanna...oh to live by a canal (?) what could be better

Els said...

O Eva, what a lovely late-summer day you had !!! I know that feeling !
I love the town with the beautiful "Fachwerkhaüser" ! Old doors: they are wonderful ...

Yael said...

Wunderschoene Fachwerkhaeuser im wohl historischen Teil der Stadt. Ich habe mal "Stade" im Internet herausgesucht - ein richtig huebsches Staedtchen mit einer interessanten und vielfaeltigen Vergangenheit! Und nun weiss ich auch woher das Wort "Gestade" kommt!
Ja und diese Tuer ist natuerlich ganz gewaltig in der kunstvollen und ueberschwenglichen Ausfuehrung!
Am Schoensten ist der Garten! :-)