Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Changed Plan

Usually, I don't make plans. This results in very crooked and skewed quilts. Now, I'm trying to make more orderly squares, they are not perfect, just handmade. I found that the squares all in green, all in red etc. looked very boring, so I changed my plan and started making a darker background, so the central squares stand as diamonds. As I saw, the quilt-as-you-go method ends up with connecting the squares by use of strips. I will try to make them versatile enough to break up the grid which reminds me of jail window bars.


lesizmo said...

Tell us about your Wind (??) square.

Yael said...

The grid surely will make it look more traditional. Maybe you could make the grid in your background colors, so it will not stand out so much? And it is true, with the darker color the nine patch sparkles! :-)

Eva said...

I will explain the wind and earth squares as soon as I have time to do it!