Thursday, July 10, 2014

Close-Up on Korak

 Building up a block of strips:

 The same part, sewn:  
Diamond close-up
What I find so fascinating about this technique: I can arrange and sew each and every part of the work on the top side.


Ms. said...

SO "colorful", but of course it would be given the blog title. Hi

Yael said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh just so wonderful - I can see how joyful you are during this creation, how careful you use the next patch - this color? hm, no - that one? much better - ups here this one is perfect! And then the tiny stitches to fit it in... :-)

Unknown said...

Dear Eva
My name is Rachel Karmon, I'm a good friend of Yael Ashkar and living nearby.
Yael told me good things about you, like Yael, I'm dealing with handicrafts including patchwork.
Korak techniques is very exciting due to the beauty and naivety,
Soon I will try to do a small project and I'm sure that with the help of your tutorial I will succeed,
I'd like to communicate with you if you're interested.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
With great appreciation

Eva said...

Dear Rachel,
thank you so much for your long and kind comment! Sure, I will be more than happy to keep contact with you, being very curious on your interpretation of the korak technique. I haven't found a way to communicate with you exept through comments. Please send me a mail to the address given in my profile! Looking forward, too,

Stephie said...

I have just read your wonderful tutorial and can't wait to try this technique, it looks amazing for improvisational work - ideal for the artists amongst us! Thank you so much for sharing and the inspiration of your glorious work :)