Friday, December 12, 2014

Don't frack!

Zerbrecht die Erde nicht! Aquarell auf Papier, ca. 30 cm Durchmesser.
Don't break the Earth! Water colors on paper, about 12" diam.

Here's another, it has been sold, but can be reproduced.


Anonymous said...

Ohh!!! These are just beautiful, Eva! And with a very urgent message.

Els said...

HAAA Eva !!!
Yes we should be aware !
Love the colours of the secomd one, so bright and bold !
But the stripy surface of the first is intriguing too ...

Yael said...

What a fine painting this is, the pastel one, such awesome diligent artful work. I love the texture, the round setting, the delicate soft patched colors! And the metaphor too!

Ja, Kunst ist schoen, aber auch viel Arbeit! Stimmt schon! :-)

I remember the second one - beautiful piece too, marvelous colors!

Ms. said...

Ah--beautiful art for the are a warrior! I offer you some wonderful words from Joanna Macy who you may is a public lecture "Active Hope: How to Face the Mess We're in Without Going Crazy" she gave in 2013 at Naropa. I think you may like it

Eva said...

Thank you all! Ms, I'll listen to this one. You are right to remind me of Naropa. We may be be warriors out of compassion, but we cannot succeed without equanimity.

lola said...

Hi from Spain and thank you so much for sharing instructions on how to make Korak. I love all your quilts, they look so warm and vibrant and inspiring to me that i'm back to quilting again because of your inspiration. ´
Take care!