A collection of art dolls reflect features of Asian ethnic and cultural influence. There are a Siberian shaman, an Indian princess, a Mongolian emperess, a hunter, a wandering yogi of Tibet. These are not authentic costumes, rather my personal phantasies about these cultures. The doll heads, hands, and feet were made of clay+paper clay, body and arms are paper clay, they are mobile, joined with wire or string. To keep them upright, constructed a plaster stone with a wooden stick and wires. Also the clothes are my own design; the shaman wears a leather overcoat and leather boots with a cotton suit underneath. The ladies are adorned with beads. 

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Eva said...

The wandering yogi of Tibet is deconstructed at the moment because I made the mistake to fill his body with rice which was eaten by bugs. I noticed it when dust came trickling from under his gown, something I have never witnissed on Tibetan yogis before.