Saturday, March 14, 2009

They're chopping down my poplars

Yesterday, I was quite upset. They are chopping down my poplars. This is public ground. The trees are sort of protected by law, unless they are regarded to be a danger to people walking by. Just as it is in the USA, also in Germany someone has to be responsible for whatever happens. In Turkey, they would laugh and say, "then don't walk near trees in a storm and look up, stupid!" -- In Germany, this isn't so. Everyone is afraid to be taken to court.
I'm so sad about the loss of these trees very close to our flat, and I'm afraid they will spoil the view from my kitchen window completely. This row of trees has been protecting our place from northern winds, nobody cares about our Feng Shui. Also the wild cherry tree which blossoms so nicely in spring has been badly damaged by the falling logs.
And the end of Eli Stone was stolen. We are so disappointed! I wrote mails to the companies.

But: Today I saw a group of cranes heading east. About 20 of these beautiful birds, flying no higher than 150 ft, sending out their melodic calls. I saw them as a prophecy of good things to come. Here's a video of cranes in East Germany.


ArtSparker said...

Oh, I am so sorry about your trees. It pains me when I see trees coming down. In San Francisco, they have a tree court - you have to prove you have good reason to cut down a tree if it is mature.

Glad you saw the cranes.

Diane said...

So sorry to hear of the loss of your trees. It has been a sad year for the trees I'm afraid. Driving through the countryside here is sad in many places because of how the storm has damaged so many of them. It is a painful thing to see them go isn't it? I'm so glad though, that you were a witness to the cranes. All things have a balance, yes?

jude said...

oh this is terrible. we have strict laws here about trees. but only in my local town. you could start a riot by cutting down a tree. but some developers recently found a loophole and cut many down while building new houses. i am lucky to own a big piece of land with a forest and i live in the middle. i look straight up sometimes and see geese. but never cranes. what a sight that must be.

Judy said...

I too hate it when trees are cut down unnecessarily.
Sandhill Cranes migrate right over the city of Atlanta in the Fall and Spring. I would love to witness the site, but have not been so lucky as yet. I envy you that experience!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh that's a sorry thing. I can't imagine not having trees around where I live.... It's such a joyful thing to look up and see/hear the birds, that is a comfort.

gema said...

Before the last General Election, the Stadtverwaltung in Bremen gave orders to cut down tons of trees in a certain residential district. The people protested during the day times and so the workers couldn't work. Well, they came one night and work they did, all the trees were gone next morning. That incident caused a lot of long standing voters of certain parties to switch to the Greens. People were horrified!

Eva said...

Yes, and it amazes me how indifferent people have become. As if it was raining sedatives from the sky!