Saturday, March 7, 2009

More about white printing

Again I cut turnip stamps, this time in Latin letters. I used white acrylic paint. The letters aren't as nice and crisp as on the white cloth. I think I'll do some more experiments with linoleum letters -- after all, these can be reused for a long time. Or perhaps I'll try a rubber eraser, cut in slices and glued to something I can use as a grip.
The spell is for someone who has lost appetite. Is is another Estonian spell from the 1851 Kreutzwald-collection, St. Petersburg.

Today I turned my German blog into a language blog, in which I will criticize the development of German since the spelling was "reformed". Catastrophe! Talking about catastrophes: the collapse of the Cologne archive. This 6-storey-building fell into the subway building site the other day, you may have heard about it. 2 human lives and precious medieval scripts will have to be mourned. "A subway nobody needed and nobody wanted", said the priest of a nearby church which also shows heavy cracks in the walls.


Diane said...

This is coming along nicely. I have never really worked with stamping, I like the effect though.

Judy said...

beautiful piece! Yes, I did hear about the building collapse. Very sad.