Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Devil Wears Prada

A film I had wanted to see for a long time -- we recorded it the other night from TV. Not all husbands would have stayed all the time; mine was fascinated. What struck me most was the business style in this magazine. The way the heroine had to adapt to the demands of her job seemed pretty tough to me. Is it really that bad?

Experiments with Foto Transfer
Today I made a few experiments, as I had planned. I tried the ideas you kindly shared in your comments.
I tried some cleaning liquid with orange oil, natural turpentine and petrol-based turpentine, but none of them worked, and not the wonder under idea either that I wrote about. The toner remained firmly fixed to the paper; I threw it all away.
Normally I don't fight with things. It works, or I look for another way to express my ideas. But in this case, I have a vision of my witch gown which has to include human forms in a very convincing way. The photos I want to be on this cloth like trophees are nudes. I want to surround them with more spells. It is all laid out in my head, but I can't go on. This is tantalizing!

You are right, Reyna, there is nothing like being taught by a personally present teacher! So sorry I cannot present any successful fruits of my studio.
Today I'm going to a quilt store trying to inquire about workshops or advice. But I have to have breakfast first, I just did not have the patience. Now that all of it went wrong I can have coffee in peace.

PS. Tried nail polish remover. No effect either.


Diane said...

Im not sure if this link will help you but it does talk of making transfers with laser black and white printers and talks as if it isnt a problem
I hope it helps :) Good luck Eva!

Eva said...

A very good link! Thank you!

ArtSparker said...

Frustrating - It's comforting when projects go well in this uncertain world. Anyway, I can relate.

jackie said...

Try printing onto a transparency and use a gel medium to transfer to cloth. Bubble Jet set is a good product in which you presoak the fabric. You could give in and buy material preprepared.

Rayna said...

Are you sure it is a laser printer that uses old-fashioned toner and not a digital "laser" printer? It's the carbon that transfers and if you don't have carbon, no luck. The fact that the lacquer thinner and other toxic chemicals didn't work makes me think this is not a carbon toner. Argh.

Also, the orange cleaner has to be the concentrate: if it is the spray kind it has been diluted with water and won't work.

Maybe I need to come to Germany and teach a workshop - LOL.

Rayna said...

P.S. - Marty and I both loved The Devil Wears Prada, although I was not eager to see it. There might have been some exaggeration in the film for effect, but my daughter is Vice President of Public Relations for Hearst Magazines so I know there is a kernel of truth in this film (even though the model for the film was Vogue - another publishing company's magazine).

Eva said...

Thank you, Reyna, for your thoughts on my dear old laser printer. If ever you'd like to come to Germany, I'll sleep on the threshold of your room. -- I've had this printer for 16 years now, poor thing, a really antique 5L by HP. Today I gave in. See latest posting.