Thursday, November 18, 2010

Quilted Korak

Beside the sketched / painted pictures, I use print cloth with my own design. You can see part of the pale red reverse at the bottom of the picture.
I could call my working method "quilted korak" because it unites two traditions: Korak, the connecting of folded rectangles and triangles, the folded edge covering the cut or torn edges, stabilized with pins, sewn in a small stitch, the pins being removed as you go. You can see the unfinished part with pins in process. Then, the spaces receive a dense quilting to grant a ripply surface for all materials. The result is quite sturdy, due to the double layers of the pieces.


deanna7trees said...

how beautiful all your little pieces are linked together. I have the book that teaches 'korak' but I can't find the time to try it. thanks for the inspiration.

Yael said...

Dear Eva, it is so colorful and textured! Beautiful! Your quilting is very dense, you put a lot of work in this quilt! I am so happy that we all will see it finished! You have to make a lot of photos for us then please!!!

jude said...

i love the peek at the back there. just grand!