Friday, November 19, 2010

Print more of those

Printing, ironing, painting, ironing, more printing. These layers stiffen the cloth and make it more difficult to hand quilt. But the details have become quite charming, some by coincidence. I had to show them before I cut into them. They are not so snakish as a whole piece, but in detail they will be.


nandas said...

oooo! those are gorgeous!!! mmmm... i am really glad to see them. thank you.
also don't tell my husband but i just ordered your kandinsky shirt for him for christmas!

Eva said...

nandas, thank you!

Yael said...

Wonderful Eva!

Chris Gray said... the colours you're using too!

Simple techniques can be so effective...sometimes moreso than convoluted ones :-)

jude said...

looks almost like leather.