Saturday, November 13, 2010


Could have made color choices to create pictures of the elements. Wind, Fire, Earth, Water... It was not intended, but I like it.
I'm coming to the end of this frame, two free spaces left. 
I find it easier to express myself in techniques that challenge me. My treadle is rusting in the cellar. And: Could I work with it while watching tv on the sofa with my husband?

Two charming visitors were having breakfast in the ash tree behind our flat: The bullfinches are back. I took this pic at a 25yds distance or so.
We had a storm on Thursday/Friday. All the leaves are gone. A dull view.


Els said...

Great, how sometimes you see later on, the meaning of things you did quite unintentional....
You see the "bigger picture" later and then are quite amazed about yourself!
(I drew a mandala for someone I do not really know... and it turned out to be with just all the "right" elements for her in it... I was amazed about myself: where did it come from??)
The Dompfaff couple will be returning often in this breakfast-tree I think!!

Yael said...

Hi Eva-Maria, I did not know what a "treadle" is - I looked it up and I guess in your case it is a loom for weaving, isn't it? :-)
I know that you are a weaver too, I saw beautiful carpets you made on your blog! I guess weaving while sitting on the sofa with your husband, would be a bit difficult - hm it would depend how big your loom is, or how big your h.... - oh, okay I get carried away!!! :-) :-) :-)
I would LOVE to see new stuff woven by you!!!

Und die neuen Fleckerl sind so huebsch und charmant und farbenfroh!!! Oh, and the birdies too!

Eva said...

Yael, damit ist meine fußbetriebene Nähmaschine gemeint.
Mein Webrahmen ist klein genug fürs Sofa.

Chris Gray said...

..stitching whilst cozying up is better than belting away on any machine!

That quilt is coming on nicely :-)

Yael said...

Ach Du liebe Zeit, Du hattest bestimmt einen Riesenlacher!!!

Yes, I checked again, "a lever that is operated with the foot" - BUT, it can be used with a loom too - stimmt doch oder? :-)

Eva said...

ja, ich denke, beim Webstuhl sind es Hebel, die dafür sorgen, daß mal die einen Fäden sich heben, mal die anderen.