Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A source for reprints

I once bought this fabric and made harem pants out of it which I wore until the fabric was worn out on some parts. I'll try a reprint by loading it up to a website on which you can order your own designed fabric. This way I hope to reconstruct a few of my old favourites.
After a few busy days for the district parliament project + a visit of our spiritual teacher + a little back trouble that made me walk like I was 100 years old, I find time to work on the reptile quilt again. I found an old lining satin in light turquoise which I have had in my stash for ages. It looks nice when quilted; I'll show you pics tomorrow.


Yael said...

I sensed that you have not been well and I am glad you are already better and I wish you will feel good today - and tomorrow - and ever after!

Eva said...

Thank you, Yael! A hot shower and my rocking work chair are doing a good job.