Tuesday, November 2, 2010


A story from my working life
I went to the district parliament today because I have a little job there. I created a presentation as a background for a ceremony in which the parliament will honor 2 volunteers who have worked for the community with special effort. I met the technical media operator, and we tested my work on his computer, everything went fine, just a few changes remain to be made.
Why did I tell you this story? Because I wanted to introduce you to the operator's assistant. The label on his back reads "security".
He snarled at me from time to time to confirm his authority.


Yael said...

Such wonderful autumn photos Eva!
And that fashion conscious dogie - how sweet!

Martha Marshall said...

Oh, that cute dog and his very chic sweater! And the fall colors are spectacular.

Judy said...

lol: you are so very funny Eva!!!

I do love your colourful leaves...ours are almost all gone now, and weren't very pretty this Fall - so thanks for showing yours!


Chris Gray said...

...maybe he'd like his very own personal doggie-basket quilt?

...it might make him better tempered :-)