Monday, November 22, 2010

Going for Reds and Greens

They say that according to Feng Shui, the combination of red and green is auspicious. Actually, also Western Xmas decoration is based mainly on this color combo. A synchronicity of life and work is there if I look closely. Jude taught me to see that.
Although the landscape seems grey now, after there is nothing left of the golden panorama than just a few yellow confetti, I find some more subtle color in the detail.
I have glasses in every corner of our flat, one for working on the computer, some for reading or sewing. As my father used to say: "My eyes are perfect, but my arms are getting too short." On a far distance however, my eyes are still fine. I'm glad about that.


Jacky said...

Certainly an eye for colour and detail.
I love the new blocks!

Jacky xox

Rayna said...

Ah, I can see you got your sense of humor from your father. My grandfather used to say, after he had finished a meal, "I lost my appetite."

The red and green of Christmas may be based on feng shui but the nuances of the colors were lost eons ago and the blatant, in-your-face, harsh, commercial reds and greens are horrible together...unless they are red berries on evergreens or other natural combinations.

Subtlety, people, where is the subtlety??!! (Can you tell I am grouchy this morning? I overslept and woke to the painter banging on the door at 8:am. Haven't had coffee yet, but here I am reading your blog). What is wrong with this picture?

jude said...

holiday colors are often based on opposites, so that they make each other look brighter. attention getters. nature 's combos are always ok. there is something subtle in the oddest combination, i always notice them.

Els said...

Love your pictures of the berries and the rosehips! Happy bits of colour in gray times.
(But your english sure is MUCH better then mine: I had to look up "auspicious" , didn't have a clue ....!!!)
The glass mosaic in the old tunnel is great. In Rotterdam we have a tunnel (1940 I think) for cars but also on top of it one for walking and bicycles, with four escalators going up and down, in a similar building.(But not thát beautiful)