Monday, November 16, 2009

No Jazz?

So this was Louisiana. This is the name of a suburban restaurant in northern Hamburg. Yummy chicken with chilis, fries, 3-4 grams of cole slaw, a lot more meat than I can eat. "Cajun" said the menu. I wonder if it really was. J helped me with the last chick stick. We were invited by my friend M. She owns a travel agency. I had designed an advert for the screen in the background, and this food was my salary.
The wall was covered with large photos of Southern scenes and Jazz musicians. But the background music was no Jazz! I asked the waitress, and she said, the guests don't want to hear it. (Well, who am I?)
People don't seem to like it much over here. Only old people like me do. I'm listening tho Thelonious Monk, as I'm posting.

All those pictures on the wall, and no Jazz... Far from Cajun music.
Anyway, it was a nice evening out. We had a long talk with M and her husband. But I will recommend her to cancel the advertising contract. Nobody looked at the screen.


Marie said...

Too bad they did not want to listen to Jazz.
I used to live on the border of Louisiana and
I have had a lot of Cajun food...Shrimp gumbo and creole, etc..."dontcha know"
Some louisiana folk talk like that. It really
is cute!

Chris Gray said... win some.... lose some!......

..glad you enjoyed your evening though...

x Chris

Deborah said...

That's too bad. I heard it in Paris a couple of years ago in a hotel lounge that I believe only featured jazz.

Pat said...

a new orleans-style eatery with NO jazz. like going to an italian restaurant and listening to ... oh i don't know? bag pipes or something. heresy. yes, i say it's heresy. "when the saints....." .... preservation hall jazz band ...... and all those who came before and after. shame shame. i would think it would whet the appetite.

jude said...

i suppose you jazzed it up a bit

Eva said...

Not really, Jude, I was rather silent, because I get tired in the dark like a bird. A cloth over the cage, and it's quiet.