Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Before and After Challenge

Martha Marshall, owner of the blog "An Artist's Journal", was so kind to show my pictures in her series "Before and After Challenge". I think that spectators very rarely get an insight into the development of a piece of art. In so many cases, this is a journey into the unknown, but in the galery, you just see the final state. Martha Marshall is one of those artists who make this process more transparent. Whereas many of us often forget to document the stages of their work, she shows them continuously. To me, this is very helpful for my work, it has confirmed the necessity of patience -- to keep working on one piece -- and to invite other artists' critical and not only praising voices. With kind permission of the artist, I show two small abstract paintings by her. Thank you so much, Martha!
No 1: Infinity, No 2: Lakeside


jude said...

i just followed the link...nice to see you in two places at once.

Rayna said...

Thanks for the link to this website, Eva. Loved seeing the before/after of your painting -- and in fact, it is interesting to see the same of the other work on her blog.

I think I'll post some before/after pix of the mess in my sewing room - LOL.