Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Now that I signed in for old people's pension, my business gets going. I have to do a website for a furniture store and for Turkish real estate. Not much time left for art!
I'm quilting the "chicken shack" which is going very slowly, because I can't take more folds on the needle than just one and push it through with the help of the thimble. But I'll have to finish it, I decided.
My husband is having an important talk with his boss today, and he will tell them his conditions about going to Munich. Fortunately he can propose terms, they want him so badly. He will propose to get his office here in Hamburg. This would even save money, because they wouldn't have to rent an extra apartment for him/us.
If he has to handle complaints from all of Germany there, he can just as well do it here. Why do we have the internet?

Update. The boss will not accept his demands, so J will be looking for a job like mad, and he has time until October to find one.


Chris Gray Textile Art said...

Hope it all works out OK for you

x Chris

ArtSparker said...

Hope J. has success with his boss.

jude said...

work is such a pain in the ass.
what is your favorite color?

Eva said...

All exept grey

Diane said...

I wish your hubby luck in the job search, mine will be joining him in October!

Judy said...

what a bummer for you both! ARGH!!!

gema said...

Uh oh, guess they don't want him so badly after all eh. Too bad that, letting a good worker go. Guess they can't see the forest for the trees.
Good luck to you both. My Dh works in Stuttgart but I won't move there, even though I hate this 'dorf', I hate the South even more.

Eva said...

Well, they do want him, but down in Munich! "For the synergy effect", said the boss. But all we heard about working there is awful.