Sunday, June 28, 2009

Leather Thimbles

I've been thinking about putting this item into my Etsy shop, but how much should I charge it? The fee would be more than the price. So I think I show you how I made it and hereby allow this to be copied. The only trick about it is to sharpen the leather on both ends with a cutter or another kind of very sharp knife, so you can glue the ends closely together and don't have a "step" which would disturb you while working. Take a measure around your middle finger, mark it on the leather and glue the sharpened ends together. And have more fun and no sore finger while sewing!

This German sports teacher Anneliese tortured me so hard on Friday that I was dizzy for 6 hours. I do my gyms every day on the living room rug, looking silly. But it's good. Here you see me using my office chair as a support. J was a little unwilling to take this shot; he seemed to find this position undignified. This may be true and refers to having an aging body in general. I'm not unhappy.

On Monday, he will go to the employment office. Though -- unless we go to Munich -- he will stop working in this job on Sept 30. The office is quite strict about terms. But J will have an application interview on Tuesday. The whole family keep fingers crossed.
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ArtSparker said...

Not just the family...Hope he knocks them dead on Tuesday.

Diane said...

I too am keeping my fingers crossed!

jude said...

fingers crossed!

T said...

Hi eva, have not been here for a while. This leather thimble looks like it would be good for me too. I think I may have to make one.